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Improve your posture and relieve body pain.  Do you have neck, shoulder or upper back pain, upper limb symptoms (weakness, numbness or tingling) tight chest, tension headaches, "rounded" shoulders or slouching? Then the posture Pole is for you.

The Posture Pole is a light, portable device that you lie on for a short period of time each day. By doing so, the muscles of the chest and back relax and return to normal tension, allowing the head to better align over the spine especially in cases where the head and neck have been held in a forward or flexed position.

Improve your posture the natural way, use a Posture Pole every day!.  View more information at http://www.posturepole.com.au

100% Money Back Guarantee - Purchase a Posturepole and try it for 90 days. If, within that time, you don't feel more upright and get relief from neck, shoulder and upper back pain that comes on after studying at a desk, riding a bike, playing an instrument, or working with a slumped forward head posture, simply return it to us and we will instantly refund the purchase price - no questions asked!  You will understand that we do not refund postage charges.

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