Chiron Healing® FAQ

What are the Essences of the Ancient Civilizations®?

These unique essences (sometimes referred to as ‘Ancient Essences’ or ‘Chironessences’) are water-based vibrational essences, each imprinted with an energy pattern from a different civilization, place or time from the past.

How Were They Made? Working with the ancient Master Chiron and other Spirit Guides, the gifted psychic medium and Chiron channel Jan Thomas was able to 'bring through' an energy pattern from a past time or place, and imprint it into a pure water base. The resulting 'Mother' essence was transferred into amber glass bottles, and pure grain alcohol (brandy) was added as a preservative. It is then stored ready for later use, when it is diluted and dispensed into dosage bottles.

Essences are available in dosage strength bottles only. With direction from Spirit, and because of the difficulty in transferring such ancient energy, we do not sell 'stock' strength essences.

The Essences of the Ancient Civilizations® are gifts from the Ancient Masters, given to assist and support people in modern times. They have arrived in perfect time to support the energies of the ‘new’ children as they incarnate to show us how to change our ways and save ourselves and our planet from further destruction.

There are 36 individual essences in the Essences of the Ancient Civilizations® range. We also have three channelled 'universal' essences - Dreaming Essence, Transessence and Dis-Mist spray essence - plus many others - "Chiron Healing® Gem Essences", "Aeolian Essences", "Chiron Classic Essences", "Medicine Chest Essences", "Equiessences", "Katabatic Essences", "AESC Simples" and "Chiron Healing® Animal Essences" (five essences especially formulated for use with animals).

How do the essences work?

Our essences work in an energetic manner on the emotional and spiritual causes behind any physical or emotional problems. When a drop of essence is placed onto the body (or into the energy pattern) its energy quickly moves through the layers of the aura seeking the level(s) that it aligns with. The essence's energy may then re-connect, repair or 'smooth out' any imbalances, resulting in a more complete or more functional energy pattern.

How do I select an essence?

We strongly recommend allowing your 'feelings' or 'intuition' to guide you when choosing which essence(s) to use. In a cleared and protected state, simply focus on the essences and intuitively feel which one you are drawn to, or align with, at that particular time. Each person knows themselves better than any other, and by using your own intuitive Feeling Centre you will find the most appropriate essence. You may like to download our Essence Information Sheets (at the top of each section) as a guide to selecting an appropriate essence. We have found that people (especially children) are often strongly drawn to one or more of the essences at different times. We believe this is because they subconsciously recognise the familiar ancient energies within the essence they need at the time.

How do I use the essences?

All of the channeled essences are both gentle and strong, and you only need to use a small amount for maximum benefit. Every person and situation is different, but as a general guide, one drop of the selected essence placed onto your body once or twice a day for 5 to 7 days is sufficient to bring about changes to your energy pattern. Place the drop of essence into the Feeling Centre (solar plexus area) or onto the 3rd eye (brow chakra). Be guided by your intuition or follow what your accredited practitioner recommends. Essences can be placeded directly onto the body, or dropped onto a finger and then placed on the body. They work just as effectively through clothing. Be careful not to touch the dropper onto the skin or clothing, as the rest of the bottle may become contaminated when the dropper is replaced.

There are always exceptions to any rule, and in the case where you are guided to use more than one essence at a time, place each essence at a slightly different point on the body, or wait 10 minutes between applying each essence, so their energies remain separate.

Essences may also be used in these ways:

In an Oil Burner – place 1 to 3 drops in the water bowl, alone or along with pure essential oil(s) of choice.

Sprays – place 1 to 3 drops into a demister bottle of spring water to spray a room, work area, etc. One spray is usually enough for an everage sized room.

Massage blends – use 1 drop in your usual massage oil and shake really well. Oil and water based compounds do not mix but the energy of the essence will be dispersed throughout.

Certain essences are used in other special ways. You may read about each of these in The Essences of the Ancient Civilizations® by Jan Thomas (see product catalogue).

Essences can also be used with animals and plants. Every living thing has an energy field and may benefit from these vibrational essences. For plants, place 1 drop of essence per 2 litres of water to water them. For animals, birds and other creatures, 1 drop of essence may be placed into their drinking water, directly onto their stomach area, or at the back of the neck.

DISCLAIMER: The information given here is meant as general information only, and should not be regarded as medical advice. The authors make no claim to cure any illness or disease, nor do they diagnose or prescribe medical advice. People who decide to use this information do so entirely at their own risk. The authors encourage seeking the advice of a registered health care professional when in need of advice, diagnosis and/or treatment for any health issue.

How do I store my essences?

We recommend you store essences in their original bottles, capped, in a cool place away from direct sunlight and radiation or electrical appliances (e.g. computers, television sets, microwaves, electrical clocks, etc.) which may interfere with the vibrational quality of essences. Some natural products also have strong vibrations which could influence essences, and we recommend that you keep the essences separate from herbs, essential oils and anything with a strong perfume. Essences should always be stored away from prescribed medications.

Kept under the correct conditions the essences will keep for many years. If the contents of the bottle become contaminated (most commonly by touching the dropper on something before replacing the lid) this affects shelf life, but may not affect the effectiveness of the essence. We have tested the effectiveness of our essences in these conditions and found them to be still potent. However if you notice a sour smell to the essence, it should be discarded.

Although safe for use with children, it is always best to store essences out of their reach.

Can the Essences be used with other therapies?

Yes, providing that you respect your body's subtle energy system and don't overwhelm it with too many different vibrations at once. Other forms of healing (both physical and vibrational) may be successfully combined with our essences. Usually energetic, vibrational and homoeopathic remedies work well together and do not interfere with each other’s effectiveness. By working on the energy field around the body, our essences complement herbal or allopathic medicines, which work more directly with the body tissue and fluids.

I don’t really know whether I believe in energy healing. Will the essences work for me?

Yes, and no! As with all energy or vibrational healing, the effects can take place without any conscious effort on your part, and all the benefits will be present in your energy pattern whether or not you understand or are aware of them. For instance essences work with babies, animals and plants just as well as with adults! However, we all have the ability to negate some or all effects of energy healing, simply by our intention. Because we all have free will, if we close our mind, or adopt a negative attitude towards energy healing, we can actually stop any beneficial effects. To receive the full benefits from using our essences, we recommend that you keep an open mind and have a co-operative attitude to their use. To learn more, use this site to gain as much information as possible, or attend one of our seminars.

What about travelling?

When travelling we recommend that you surround your essences in White Light protection. If you are going to pass through an airport scanner we recommend that you mentally envelop the essences in a thick energetic ‘Silver Bubble’ for added protection. This applies whether you carry the essences in your hand luggage or in your baggage. Silver energy will not cause any harm to the essences, and will slowly dissipate. If you are travelling for an extended period of time, we recommend that you repeat the White Light and Silver Bubble protection each day.

How can I learn more about the essences?

Visit our catalogue and purchase a copy of "The Essences of the Ancient Civilizations©" by Jan Thomas.

Download and print the Essence Information Sheets at the top of each essence section. 

Attend an "Essences of the Ancient Civilizations®" seminar. Check for the seminar calendar.
(Please Note - Online essences seminars are available, please check the Events Calendar.)


N.B. If there are no seminars scheduled, and you would like to host a face-to-face essence seminar in your area, please contact us indicating your location and the number of people interested (a minimum of 8 people is required). As soon as there is sufficient interest in a specific area we will try to arrange for an accredited teacher to conduct a seminar for you, subject to any Covid-19 restrictions, and proximity of a qualified Teacher.

Feeling Centre – What is it and where is it located?

This is a term used in CHIRON HEALING®, and refers to an area on the front of the body known as the ‘solar plexus’. It is in this region that we intuitively ‘feel’ our Truth… have you ever had bad news, and immediately felt a tightness or knot in your stomach? … or been extremely excited, and felt ‘butterflies’ in your stomach? Those feelings are a result of your Feeling Centre communicating with you.

The Feeling Centre is a very important part of the energy field, and some of our essences are specially formulated for use on this part of the body to help keep your intuitive feelings in balance and functioning well.

Who is Master Chiron?

In Greek and Roman mythology, Chiron is the well-known half-man half-horse centaur figure, and is represented in the Saggitarian sign of the zodiac. He was supposedly the illegitimate and immortal son of the god Saturn, and the sea-nymph Philyra, and grew to be one of the greatest teachers of all time.

It is said that Chiron was abandoned by his mother at birth because of his monstrous appearance, but being an immortal, he survived and grew to maturity. He was married to a fresh-water nymph called Chariclo (after whom this website is named) and they had a daughter who had the gift of prophesy, but they never had any sons. Perhaps for this reason, Chiron later became foster father and teacher to many of the ancient heroes, such as Hercules, Jason, Achilles and Aesclepius.

He was known as a great teacher, physician, inventor, prophet and sage, who lived and carried on his work in a cave near the top of Mount Pelion in Greece where he was born. Although he taught the arts of war to some of his pupils, he was much more enthusiastic about the healing arts. Chiron was close to the world of Nature, and as a healer he excelled as a herbalist, physician and surgeon. He was also known as an ethical and religious teacher, whose wise counsel was sought by many in the surrounding kingdoms of northern Greece.

One day, the story goes, after helping to chase away a rowdy and drunken gang of centaurs who had tried to run off with the bride at a wedding, Chiron was accidentally wounded by a poisoned arrow shot by his friend Hercules. Hercules was distraught, and despite many, many attempts to heal Chiron’s wound, nothing was found to cure him. Because he was an immortal, he could not die, so was doomed to suffer his painful mortal wound forever. It is for this reason that we know Master Chiron as the "Wounded Healer".

A long time afterwards, weary of his long and painful life, he was granted the right to trade his immortality for the release of Prometheus (who Chiron believed had been wrongfully sentenced to an eternity of punishment) and was allowed to end his earthly life. The god Zeus was so impressed that not long after his death, he made a new constellation in the stars, Saggitarius, to honour Chiron in the sky.

For centuries after his presumed death, Master Chiron’s cave (called the Chironion) continued as a sanctuary, and has actually been found on Mount Pelion in Greece by modern archaelogists.

Like Master Chiron, each of us has some kind of "wound" which causes us to search for its meaning and its healing. In doing so, we not only gain more knowledge and learn new skills along the way, we begin to evolve spiritually, thus enriching our lives. The search for meaning then becomes a search for the truth.

In our context, Master Chiron was the spirit entity channelled by the late gifted psychic medium, Jan Thomas. Jan was the only person in the world who had been invited to, and accepted, the full responsibility of channelling the entire energy of Chiron and his stream, the stream of AESC. His wise counsel thus continued, and along with his ‘brothers’ gave to us the many important principles, philosophies and techniques of Chiron to assist Mother Earth (Gaia) and her people in today's world.

Who are the ‘new’ children?

Many children born around the change of the millennium – i.e. towards the end of the old millennium and into the new - have been acknowledged as having a different kind of energy pattern to those born previously, and seem to have many unusual qualities and gifts. Our book ‘Chiron on Children’ gives more information about the children incarnating at this time in our history.

The first recognised group of ‘new’ children have been named ‘Indigo Children’ because of the colour of their auric pattern when viewed clairvoyantly. For more information about Indigo Children go to
Other groups have followed, such as Star Children, Crystal Children, etc.

The new children have chosen to incarnate in modern times to help heal the planet and to repair the damage man has done to the environment.

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